Conference tips

Ten tips for conference organisers

  • Begin with the end in mind. What outcomes and changes do you require in the audience after the conference? Why are you investing in the conference? What return do you need from your investment?
  • Too often we leave the conference with great intentions and all fired up. However too often those intentions don’t become actions. Find a speaker who understands how to prompt action not just good intentions.
  • If you simply want the audience excited by a big name celebrity then choose a big name as far as your budget will allow. If you want real change in behaviour, embedded learnings and improved results then choose a high content speaker with a proven and consistent track record.
  • Ask to see video footage of the speaker in action to assure yourself of their style. Are they practical and interactive? Is the speaker’s style right for your people? Do they have gravitas and credibility?
  • Does the speaker have genuine testimonial letters from previous delighted clients?
  • Find a speaker who is happy to tailor their content to your audience and business challenges to maximise relevance and engagement.
  • If your audience doesn’t have English as their first language then choose a speaker with a clear accent who is experienced adapting to a foreign audience.
  • Decide how you will evaluate the event. Will it be simply based on adhoc feedback, feedback sheets or a more robust measurement of business improvement?
  • Are they a professional speaker, ideally a Fellow or Member of the Professional Speaking Association?
  • Do they overly rely on PowerPoint slides or do they really engage the audience?